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U-Care Dental Unit Type Fly

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IDR 187,500,000



Type FLy:
The base of the dental chair is a solid metal plate.

Standard accessories:
1. Automatic cup filler
2. Three-way syringe for cold & hot
3. Water suction & saliva ejector
4. LED deluxe induction dental lamp (motion sensor), adjustable light intensity
5. X-ray viewer panoramic size (DC/low voltage)
6. Integrated foot controller
7. Water supply system
8. Motor dental chair control system with memory
9. 90-degree rotatable ceramic spittoon
10. Soft silicone mat of the pillow
11. Deluxe dentist stool (adjustable height of the chair)

1. Supplied voltage: 220V-50Hz
2. Air pressure: 0,55Mpa-0,8Mpa
3. Water pressure: 0,2Mpa-0,4Mpa
4. Water & air hydrolytic resistance tube from America (7 years or longer life span, compared to nylon, polyether & normal PU tube).
5. Double water filtration (second filter from Korea)
6. Italian air regulator
7. Italian Parker solenoid valve
8. Screw motor from Europe (Linak, Denmark)
9. Built-in voltage regulator
10. Durable Taiwan handpiece tube
11. If main power switched OFF: release the water & air from the tube

Additional Accessories:
1. Imported 4-hole high-speed air turbine handpiece (with LED lamp)
2. Imported 4-hole low-speed air turbine handpiece
3. Ultrasonic scaler (with LED lamp)
4. Oilless compressor Izumi 1,75 HP 50 L super speed (full capacity in 2 minutes)
4. Cushion for kids
5. Cushion for neck & hip

Warranty for the dental unit:
1. Spare parts for 15 months
2. Service fee for 2 years
3. Spare parts availability for 7 years

Warranty for the compressor:
1. Spare parts for 1 year
2. Service fee for 2 years

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