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Intra Oral Scanner

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IDR 149,375,000



Intraoral Scanner
Merk: Cameo Rapid S6000
1. Chair-side restoration digital solution workflow.
2. Chair-side implant digital solution workflow.
3. Digital orthodontic chair-side immediate solution.
4. Digital clinic connects dental lab.

Scanner dimension: 240 mm(L) x 39.8 mm(W) x 57 mm(H)
Weight: 350 g
Scanner tip dimensions: 18.5 mm (H) x 19 mm(W) (fits children as well as adult patients)
Scan speed: 5 minutes
Scan mode: 3D video scanning
Scan depth of field: 15 mm
Anti-fog technology: built-in module
Disinfection methods of scanner tips: 121 & 134 autoclavable
Image: colored
Connection: USB 3.0
Length of connecting cable: 2 m

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